Click Here On A How To Use Primer Diagram There is an art to Using Caffeine

Energy drinks are not always the right choice for concerts , events or even the office. Primer , the new caffeinated breath spray, is exploding onto the underground market with a blast of refreshing energy.

Primer Quick Tip: Primer tastes best if sprayed on the front part of your toung. The taste buds in the back of your toung and throat will increase the bitterness of Primer the further back you go.

Each spray will freshen your breath, and give you the caffeine of 1/3 a cup of coffee or about 33mg of caffeine. We recomend 1-2 sprays of Primer
® So Enjoy But Please use Primer responsibly.

Some Call It Primer ® " We Call It Motivation." - Tom Grabowskie Night Shift Worker



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