Get the primer® reaction with primer® caffeinated breath sprays and energy drinks.1 Thanks to PRIMER ® Technology we are redefining the energy drink market to satisfy the caffeine craving consumer. Our simple principal is that everything should be caffeinated.


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Primer Caffeinated Breath Freshener Online video starring Bollywood Prince

wholesale marketing

Trends and Convenience Store Statistics for 2011. In fiscal year 2010 it is estimated that 210,000 android phones were sold every day and a staggering 73.7 millioniPhones were sold by Apple alone. With the incredible number of apps and the smooth features of the HTC Android it’s no wonder.

To harvest this vast market our analysts at Techistry Inc. are predicting a trend by convenience store product developers and brand makers to cater to this next generation of consumers. Many of these firms are founded by internet technology companies and have used social networks to market test innovative impulse products for years.

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loco cocoa caffeainated hot chocolate

We started with the Double Dutch Hot Chocolate, and the site recommends anywhere from 2-3 heaping teaspoons depending on your taste. We wanted the full on chocolate so we added 3 heaping teaspoons to about 9oz of hot water, about a coffee cups worth. “Holy Chocolate Fantasy”, if you like a rich, creamy, yummy chocolate upon chocolate, with more chocolate cocoa drink, you will fall in love with this product.

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Primer 1

Primer addicts rejoice! Not only is Primer back, but now you can choose from two flavors. The classic Peppermint flavor is still available, but
now Cinnamint is here too!

Primer Caffeinated Breath Spray is just about the most perfect caffeine deployment system ever devised. You know you need this. So buy some,
freshen your breath, and wake up – now

Zach at Chemical Evolution.

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